Not A Compulsive Blogger

So I started out so enthusiastic about having a blog, for all of what? Three posts? I even have pictures all ready to go of a meal I made way back then that I just never got around to writing about for a post. I will try to finally put up that post sometime soon. For now I will share a little bit about some happenings that are leading me to a new appreciation and concern for food issues. First some background…

I always remember having issues with painful tummy aches since I was little. In high school I even went and got an Upper GI exam to check for a possible ulcer, which didn’t find anything. But the upset tummy issues continued every now and then. Then around the time I started up this blog in the spring, I started thinking about these pains that I would experience, along with my almost constant feeling of fatigue, and the petechiae (little red dots) that I continuously have experienced on my ankles for as long as I could remember. I began to think that maybe these were all connected, and one of the things that I thought of that would cause all three of these was celiacs disease (autoimmune disorder that is treated by a gluten-free diet).

To once again try to find out what was going on, and to see if it may have been celiacs disease, I went to see a gastroenterologist and had a EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy- try saying that one time fast!), to put simply, I went to the doctor and they put a scope down my throat to take pictures and a biopsy. The results revealed some slight irritation at a few spots, but nothing serious, and ruled out celiacs disease.

Around this time, after a few unpleasant results from eating significant amounts of dairy on an empty stomach,  it  became evident that I was lactose intolerant. This, I realized, was likely the reason behind most of my tummy issues. Over the course of my life I had been loosing my ability to digest lactose, but it had only recently become so bad that it was obvious.

At first I had thought that lactose intolerance wouldn’t be something that could develop or progress, but after researching online about it, I realized that is actually the way that it works. As people age they lose the ability to digest lactose of their own accord. This just doesn’t happen fast enough for some people to experience problems from it within their lifetime. Others, like me, are not so lucky.

This whole process led me to looking more closely at food related issues, and stumbling across some very unexpected things. Starting with milk and gluten and taking off from there. I will Share some of the things that I have been exploring and discovering in posts to come.