Jars, Bottles, and Tins, Oh My!

Lately I have been getting more into finding ways to be a better steward of the earth, as well as more thrifty in household and décor items. One of the things that this has included has been saving and repurposing jars that held pasta sauce, jam, and such, as well as tins that tea came in, and cool looking bottles, etc. for new uses.

A recent trip to Costco led me to finding and purchasing a large bag of nice, long, thin spears of asparagus.  Asparagus can be pretty expensive at the grocery store, and often is on the short, fat, and tough side, so I was excited to find such a large amount of nice looking spears for a good price.  But when you get a large quantity of fresh produce, you either need to use that large amount very quickly, or find a way to keep it fresh for longer.  Luckily I figured out a trick a while back, when I had a fairly sad looking head of broccoli that I wanted to salvage.  If you cut off the end of the stem, exposing a fresh portion of it, and set it upright in a little cold water in the fridge, it helps revive it, and your previously sad produce is looking good and appetizing again!

So, I put a few of my empty jars to use for keeping my bulk amount of asparagus nice and fresh until I can use it all up. I filled the bottom  of the jars with a little bit of water and placed the freshly trimmed asparagus spears upright in them! Yay for jars getting reused for helpful purposes!

I also found a great way to reuse both a small jar, and an empty TAZO Zen Green Tea tin a while ago to use for a flower arrangement.  I filled the jar with water and placed it inside the tea tin, and then arranged the flowers with their stems going down into the water jar, hiding it from view, creating a very cute little coffee table arrangement.

Another reused item along the lines of home decorating is my Patrón Tequila bottle vase.  Thats right. I’m using a Tequila bottle as a vase.  I’m not ashamed to say it.  It is a cool shaped bottle, made of blown glass, it’s lovely, and it was free (courtesy of my Landlords’ bbq/party).  Their friends/family polished off a bottle with a few rounds of shots, and I found the empty bottle in the bushes (how did it end up there?) a day or two after when I was helping clean up the yard.  I thought, “This is a pretty cool bottle, I should reuse it for something.”  And then it became my vase.