Cooking Credentials

Growing up I didn’t spend much time in the kitchen with my mom, and in high school and the beginning of college a few failed attempts in the kitchen let to ridicule and jokes at my expense from my brother.  I didn’t want to  welcome more of such opportunities for embarrassment, and mostly steered clear of cooking.  At the community college I attended there was a wedding cake making class that was offered that took place over the course of a few weekends in a row. It sounded like it could be fun, so I signed up.  I found that my artistic abilities translated well into the realm of cake decorating, and that I wasn’t bad in the baking department either.  I managed to forge my own little niche in my parents household in the area of cakes.  Cakes were my safety blanket in the seemingly hostile kitchen that had led to such feelings of shame in the past.  But I dared not venture out into the dangers beyond cakes, into entrees and such.  It still didn’t feel safe.  It was when I got married in December 2009 and got my own place with my husband that I was able to start branching out and finding all sorts of dishes that I could enjoy making (and eating).  He is always encouraging and very appreciative of my abilities. He helped make the kitchen safe.  This blog is an outworking of his support which has allowed me to find such joy in cooking.  I hope that the things I share here help to inspire and encourage others who may have had less than successful experiences in the kitchen to step out and give it another try!


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